Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016 Porsche GT3 RS

We love repeat clients! After recently finishing a black#Porsche Cayman GT4, the owner was so ecstatic about the results, he literally swapped his brand new #Ultraviolet #GT3RS when he took delivery of the Cayman. Continuing with a solid recipe, we polished the paint finish to perfection via our One Step Machine correction option, and the entire car was wrapped head to toe with #Suntek's Ultra Glossy, self healing paint protection film. After all the edges were neatly wrapped to ensure a stealthy install, we laid down two thick layers of #CQuartz Finest for the ultimate in shine and protection. The black exterior trim was also treated to CQuartz #DLux, and will continue to give off a deep, dark look for years to come. This purple beast now looks every bit as good as we know it performs!

Check out the full photo gallery at: https://www.facebook.com/SpeedFreakDetailing/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1251271344906562

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

1969 Porsche 912

Recently we had the pleasure of performing some work on this impeccably preserved, vintage Porsche. The quite uncommon 912 model, received a period correct single stage re paint in 2013 and shows beautifully. We performed some basic maintenance, as the paint was in great shape. The owner takes great pride in maintaining the vehicle to the highest possible standard.

For more images check out the Porsche 912 Gallery here

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pontiac GTO Judge - Multi Stage Paint Correction revival detail

This is a project we completed some time ago, but I decided to revisit because it showcases perfectly, what is possible from a restorative standpoint. True paint correction is an art, a skill built on patience and years of experience honing the craft. It is not a time friendly process, in fact quite the opposite as a skilled technician might spend 40-50 hours reviving a paint finish. Many "detailers" claim to do it, but a select few do it with such precision, that the end result is many times better than what the manufacturer turns out from the factory. This particular Pontiac GTO Judge was brought to us as a result of years of neglect from improper maintenance, washing, and drying. The black paint was absolutely riddled with swirl marks, chemical etching, and RIDS (random isolated deep scratches). Certain panels, the trunk lid in particular appeared to have been agitated with a coarse scrub brush at one point. Through a 3 step machine correction process totaling 30+ hours, beginning with an aggressive cut compound, and ending with a polish containing abrasives as fine as dust, the black paint's rich reflective glow has been resurrected.

The above image is a sample from the initial compounding stage, what we call a 50/50 shot. This is accomplished by running a tape line across a panel, then machine correcting only one side. After the correction is performed, the tape is removed to reveal a crisp picture of untouched vs touched. The difference is quite dramatic!

For the full gallery featuring many shots of before, during, and finally the finished product visit our gallery here:  Pontiac GTO Judge - Multi Stage Paint Correction

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